Mohib by Hadeed Fatema

The Beam Magazine presents a short inspirational story ‘Mohib‘ by Hadeed Fatema on the occasion of the Independence Day.

Hadeed belongs to the city of Iqbal, Sialkot; so poetry is in her bones. Her name is Fatima, whereas her pen name is Hadeed Fatema.  Recently she has completed her F.Sc. She has been writing poetry for the past five years. Her poems are outstanding, and many of them have been published with The Beam Magazine.

‘Mohib’ is her first step towards prose writing. The purpose of writing ‘Mohib’ is to give a message to the youth of the country that they can do something while doing nothing. We should start with a modest beginning for serving our country if we are not able to cross the towers, because oceans happen drop after drop.

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Mohib by Hadeed Fatema

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3 thoughts on “Mohib by Hadeed Fatema”

  1. this story message is very deep,think about it man , welldone hadeed you,your pen,and your mind creating best for youth keep it up. Best wishes are always with you.

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