Swad e Dard by Neelam Riasat

The Beam Magazine proudly presents an episodic novel ‘Swad e Dard‘ by Neelam Riasat.

The episodes of this novel will be updated every alternate Friday evening.

Neelam Riasat needs no introduction. Here she is back to her very best in her familiar village background.

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قسط نمبر:

Episode No.:  1234 | 5 |

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18 thoughts on “Swad e Dard by Neelam Riasat”

  1. Neelum, Wonderful story line as usual. You have a talent to write. Your every scene seems, as if it is happening right in front of our eyes. I appreciate your boldness when it comes to the choosing the story theme. You highlight the menaces’ of our society brilliantly, plus show the correction needed, by giving the opinions, regarding the evils in our surroundings.
    May your pen create more of such beauties. Can’t wait for more to come.

  2. novel bhut acha ha, story b bhut different ha, heart touching, rooh jo jhinjorna wli.. or bus mjy mushk k lya sad feel ho rha.. zalnoon and jora ek hi character lag rhy.

  3. Finally 3rd epi a gi kafi long thi prhny ka mzza aya.. Novel bhttt bhtt acha ja rha h can’t wait to read next ❤❤

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