The Substitute Wedding by Zainab Shah

The Beam Magazine presents an English novel ‘The Substitute Wedding‘ by Zainab Shah.

Zainab Shah needs no introduction for our readers. She has already published two English novels in our magazine, The Seventh Heaven and When The Heart Stops. Both these novels were well received by our readers. Zainab has also authored the much acclaimed and still widely popular novel of our website, Morey Piya Milenge. Zainab is also a prolific writer on Wattpad.

You can get in touch with Zainab Shah, interact with her and share your feedback through her Instagram account

Zainab has her own unique writing style; which her readers must be accustomed to, by now. ‘The Substitute Wedding’ follows her same inimitable style. It is a short and sweet light-hearted teen romance. We hope that her fans will enjoy her new story.

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The novel follows from the next page.

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