Simmering Desires: Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

We could have gotten together, if only you would have been ready to wait a little. I could have paid off the depths of my sins, only if you hadn’t been so damned impatient. We could have survived a little if only you would have shown some hope for the future together.


He closed his eyes and gave himself up to his therapist. He knew she would weave her magic upon his restlessness and provide him peace; no matter how short lived that peace would be. He wouldn’t stop her. He wouldn’t stop himself from drowning under her timely spell.

May be that might help him to get away from those haunting memories. His partially doped brain had already started to go numb. A half-finished drug induced cigar was still burning between his fingers.

“Are you feeling better Bill? Or should I change my position?” A soft purr spilled close to his ear. The tapping of pointed fingertips was working on stimulating his senses in the most troublesome way known to a man of his age. But not for him, he wasn’t an easy target. He wasn’t. His soul was possessed by a witch, tainted with hatred and poisoned by the maliciousness of the world; a world full of fake loving people. He inhaled sharply, trying to fill his mind along with his gut with a familiar scent; the scent of raw innocence and naïve sweetness that could have defeated any expensive fragrance of the world. His lips pursed and pulled, trying to touch that sloppy smoothness on the dip of her collarbone. His hand stretched out to stroke that sensual thick curve of her belly.

Bold, slim fingers touched the brown skin of his solid clavicle muscles, peaking through the first two undone buttons of his satin black Armani shirt. His eyes shot open from the impact of the cold, utterly bold touch of the female. The smell of the sharp, intensely heavy feminine perfume, hit his senses with alarming zeal. He tried to grasp the reality of the situation. His brain started working slowly. His eyes delved into the kohl adorned brown eyes. The girl smiled seductively when her eyes clashed with her employer’s dazed gaze.

“I guess you need something stronger tonight than your cigar. I might be able to help you in finding truce,” she whispered softly over the shell of his ear.

Bilal watched her as she ran her slim fingers over his smooth neck. He didn’t stop the girl, but not because he was enjoying her touch; his nerves had already frozen long ago to feel anything from the touch of the opposite sex. He gulped and put his hand over the woman’s slim waist. He couldn’t be cruel to this chick who was just trying to make him happy, especially when he was the one who had encouraged her to play with his dead system.

The result was the same. There was absolutely no reaction, not even a slight stirring in his cold, jammed body.

He sighed. His hands were just reaching up to push the woman up from his lap when the door of his office opened. Two tiny figures suddenly entered his office, announcing their impending arrival with a shrieking sound.


“Ruhaan, Rizaan, don’t barge in, it’s inappro…” Their mother, who was behind the boys, stopped immediately when she looked at the picture on display in front of her. The man, who was also behind his wife and kids, too stopped just in time.

The woman who was sitting on her boss’s lap immediately pulled up into a standing position beside his chair. Although she didn’t waste a single moment to scamper off his lap, still, the couple who had entered behind their kids didn’t miss their inappropriate arrangements.

“I should leave now, please excuse me sir.” She cleaned her throat and took her leave, without waiting for her boss’s approval. On her way out of office, she could sense the stony coldness of the man who was looking intently at his younger brother.

Bilal had already thrown his cigar into the trash bin under his table as soon as the first shrieking sound of his nephews had hit his eardrums. He coughed a little and found his voice.

“Hey champions, took me by surprise, hun?” He cheerfully welcomed the kids, spreading his arms wide open for them while ignoring the chilling glare of his brother. The kids, who had abruptly stopped in their tracks in front of his office desk, resumed their running towards their uncle’s inviting open arms.

“Billy, was that aunty your babe, like mama is to dad?” the elder one asked excitedly, catching his uncle off guard. Bilal gulped down and cleared his throat before speaking to his little devils.

“Did you get any goody bags in the plane?” Bilal asked them, carefully trying to distract their sharp minds.

“Yes we got the goody bags, but I gave mine to Rizzy. You know I don’t like those soft bunnies, they look so girlish,” the elder one scrunched his nose. Bilal laughed on his reply while kissing their bright foreheads; only they had the power to snatch him back from his gloominess.

“What do you say, are you two up for a marshmallow fluffy ice-cream bucket?” Bilal asked the kids while grabbing the receiver of the intercom. He conveyed the order to his assistant, asking her to make sure that the order be fulfilled as soon as possible. He knew the answer too well, they couldn’t deny his offer.

“Would you mind enlightening us on the situation we have just witnessed if you are done with feigning ignorance?” his brother jeered coldly.

“What situation exactly are you talking about?” Bilal asked nonchalantly. He couldn’t care less if his so called big brother thought any low of him. Come to think of it, his big brother had never actually thought highly of him ever.

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