Dolly by Ahmer Rouf

The Beam Magazine presents an afsana ‘Dolly’ by Ahmer Rouf.

Ahmer Rouf is a new and emerging author. He belongs to the village Khanpur Khokhar in Gujrat. Ahmer prefers to write on social issues. His writing style is clear and precise, and shows great promise for the future.

‘Dolly’ is a short afsana by the author on a transgender person. Even in this small piece, Ahmer has successfully managed to depict the trials and tribulations faced by Dolly in our society.

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افسانا پڑھنے کے لیے نیچھے دیے گئے نیکسٹ بٹن کو دبائیں۔

Dolly by Ahmer Rouf Fimg

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5 thoughts on “Dolly by Ahmer Rouf”

  1. A bitter reality of our society…….u have done a great job nd ur grip on words and plot r very strong, All the best for future…

    1. Sir the way u write are just awesome ❤️ Superb writing skills 🥰 amazing story 👍 This is the truth of our society…

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