Redamancy by Maha Lashari

The Beam Magazine presents an English novel ‘Redamancy’ by Maha Lashari.

Redamancy – The act of loving in return. In this story, Redamancy is sought by the male protagonist Jahangir. Jahangir is a broken soul, and under this condition, is smitten by his sister-in-law Aina. Even though he tries to treat their relationship honorably, fate has other plans for Aina and Jahangir.

This is Maha’s first publication with The Beam Magazine. Maha is 19 years old and is pursuing her bachelor’s in Psychology. She had wanted to pen down her ideas since forever but thought that she lacked the skills. However, she finally gave it a shot, and the result is the novel ‘Redamancy’. Her writing style is simple and effective. The novel has been written in a simple and fluid style and is very effective in conveying its message. It is an honest attempt at English storytelling by a native author and hence has our full support. We wish Maha all the best for her future endeavors.

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The novel follows from the next page.

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  1. Hey can u giv me your email i have a thing i want to ask u but in personal not in public dont worry dont wanna disturb…… Just wanna ask a thing… Also loved your writing im a writer too so I really loved it

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