Aashna Ban ke Miley by Farah Bukhari

The Beam Magazine proudly presents a new episodic novel (now completed) ‘Aashna Ban ke Miley’ by Farah Bukhari.

Farah Bukhari, as an author, needs no introduction. Her stories regularly appear in Khawateen, Kiran and Shuaa monthly digests. Her most famous novels include Gul e Kohsar and Ban Pakhi, both of which are also available in hard copy format. ‘Aashna Ban ke Miley’ represents her first venture into the world of online publishing, and The Beam Magazine is honored to be the platform selected by her.

Farah has a very mature and gripping style of narration, with stories that go straight to your heart. This novel, based in Asansol, a city of India, is the story of Saman, a young widow, and Shahzain Aabdi, a mysterious stranger. Fate causes their paths to cross a number of times. To experience their strange and interesting journey together, read ‘Aashna Ban ke Miley’ by Farah Bukhari, brought to you exclusively by The Beam Magazine.

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:قسط نمبر

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