Shaam ke Baad by Rubab Waseem

The Beam Magazine presents a complete novel ‘Shaam ke Baad’ by Rubab Waseem.

Rubab is a student of Punjab University, in her Final Year of B. S. (Political Science). She has been writing online content for children and short stories for the past four years. This is her first attempt at a complete novel.

‘Shaam ke Baad’ is the story of a character who is herself the protagonist as well as the antagonist. It is the story of a character that grows and learns with time and rectifies her mistakes. But she is not alone in her journey. She is accompanied in her journey by Umar and Mueed. The story catches the journey of these three characters and the trials and tribulations that they face.

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11 thoughts on “Shaam ke Baad by Rubab Waseem”

  1. Arooj Fatima Tariq

    lagta hai kafi dukhi hai app apny khandan waloon sy ……Allah apki rooh ko sakoon dy.

  2. It’s an amazing write-up, I didn’t feel k it’s your first novel, so strong character build up, Keep it up girl🙌

    1. Miss, Alisha!
      It’s a pleasure for me ,having your remark.
      Please always , let me know about your actual opinion. Then I’ll be able to learn.
      Thank you:)

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