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It is a great pleasure to receive you in the Articles & Interviews section of The Beam Magazine.

The Articles & Interviews page is designed to host and publish original articles and opinions. There is no constraint on language. Articles will be available in English as well as Urdu. There is also no restriction on the genre of the subject. We intend to cover a wide range of subjects. The articles will include social opinions, technological help, recipes, beauty, fashion, travel, women, etc.

This page will also host interviews of famous as well as emerging quality authors. Our intention in doing this is to provide you an insight into their lives. We hope that the interviews will help you to get better acquainted with your favorite authors. We also hope that the interviews will let you know things that you always wanted to find about them.

The Beam Magazine intends to provide you with high quality articles. These articles may be contributed by original authors, or written by our in-house authors. We hope that the articles will be informative, helpful and thoughtful. They will encourage you to form knowledgeable opinions on the subjects cited in the articles. We also hope that you enjoy our interviews with the personalities scripting your favorite stories.

From The Beam Magazine Team

The Beam Magazine presents an Article ‘Mazlum Koun?’ by Momena Balouch. It is an introspective article on the current state of the country. The article asks ….. read more

Mazlum Koun? by Momena Balouch

The Beam Magazine presents an Article ‘Haan Hoon Main Fahash Nigaar’ by Zainab Aliya. It is a profile feature article on Saadat Hasan Manto, the ….. read more

Haan Hoon Main Fahash Nigaar by Zainab Aliya

The Beam Magazine presents an article ‘Woh Log Jo Amar Ho Gaye’ by Robina Shaheen. The article profiles in brief the life of Maryam Jameelah, an ….. read more

Woh Log Jo Amar Ho Gaye by Robina Shaheen

The Beam Magazine presents an article ‘Kitabe Inqlab’ by Robina Shaheen. Robina belongs to Lahore. She has been writing for the past ….. read more

Kitabe Inqlab by Robina Shaheen

A short article by Irfan Ahmed highlighting the difference between Ghazal and Nazm in Urdu Poetry.

Difference between Ghazal and Nazm by Irfan Ahmed

The Beam Magazine proudly presents their very first interview, with the famous Urdu novelist Ana Ilyas.

Ek Mulaqat Ana Ilyas ke Saath

An opinion on the effect of dark romance literature on young minds by Zeba Ali.

Dark Romance: Fantasy or Failure by Zeba Ali

An opinion on the plight of dogs disappearing in the Naran Kaghaan area, by Rayeha Maryam. Includes an audio narration by the author herself.

Kutte aur Naran Kaghaan by Rayeha Maryam

An article on the difference of opinion over adding romance in Urdu literature, by Naila Ahmed

Adab mein Romaniyat par Ikhtelaaf Rai by Naila Ahmed

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