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Although this page is titled as English novels, it is intended to host all prose narrative forms of English literature, including novels, novellas and short stories.

English literature has evolved continuously and sumptuously over the years. Historical, mythological, drama and poetry were the prevalent forms of English prose till the 18th century. The appearance of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe (1719) and Moll Flanders (1722), along with some classic works during the same period, introduced the novel to the English literature.

A novel is a relatively long work of narrative fiction. It is normally in prose, and typically published as a book. The two most basic characteristics of a good novel are a story, and a storyteller. Its heroes are men and women like us, and its chief interest is human character as it manifests itself in society. The predominant reason behind the novel’s continued popularity is its focus on the domestic and social concerns of women and the working class, closely representing the lives of the majority of the people.

The classic major genres explored in English novels are tragedy, tragic comedy, fantasy, mythology, adventure and mystery.  Other major genres include science fiction, drama, romance, action, adventure, satire, thriller and horror.

An important characteristic that has closely followed the evolution of novels is the role of the narrator in the novel. The narrator is the person who tells the story, and determines the story’s point of view. There can be first person narration, where the narrator is a part of the story. Only his point of view is available to the reader. There can also be an omniscient or third person narration. In this case, the narrator is not a part of the story. However, the narrator knows every character’s point of view, and makes it available to the reader. A novel may also have more than one narrator. An example of this cause is an epistolary novel, where at different times, perspectives of different individuals (one at a time) are made accessible to the reader.

In this day and age, when audio-visual entertainment aids are readily available, novels continue to hold their fort in people’s lives. Reading novels allows us to gain access to deeply imagined lives other than our own. Experiencing complex moral situations allows us to enrich our pool of experience. Great novels also have the complexity to enrich our moral fiber. They allow us to experience troublesome relationships, which we perhaps would want to avoid in real life.

Most of all, novels provide us a window in to a world full of fascination, mystery, intrigue and suspense. They have the power of transporting us in to different times, places, cultures and societal mores; most importantly, into different lives. Characters that we come to love and hate, even though we know that they are just fictional.

The Beam Magazine proudly presents its collection of English novels, a small drop in the vast ocean of English literature. A small attempt from our side to make a contribution. Our writers include upcoming as well as established authors. They come from different countries and backgrounds, united by their love for English literature. The plots may vary, from simplistic to complex; the genres may vary; the narrators may also vary. But what will not vary is the emphasis on quality, language, and most importantly, the art of storytelling.

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