Secret Desires by AashiIrf


Her eyes went wide on his bold act. She immediately stood up from the bed. Before she could grab her discarded pashmina shawl which lay on the nearby sofa, her wrist was locked in the iron grip of the man, who was looking cold, distant and domineering at this time.

She felt as if someone had snatched the land beneath her feet, she was frozen on the spot. Not because he touched her, but because he was touching her differently. He was holding her wrist firmly while his thumb rubbed the underside of her wrist seductively. A fine layer of sweat beads had starting appearing on her bright forehead in the chilling weather.

After what seemed like ages, she mustered enough courage to make her weak self capable of facing the most devilish person of her entire life, and turned around to face him. But when she realized that his cold freezing gaze, filled with unnamed desires, was already on her petite form, a harsh chilling sensation ran down her spine and made her shiver on the spot.

She immediately lowered her gaze, and tried to free her wrist from his wicked grip. She could feel his intense yet cold gaze reading her every single movement, every blink of her eye. Rarely had she been this close to him in her whole 4 years of married life. This close proximity with him, in such a state of undress, was making her knees turn into jelly.

“Where do you think you are going, my dear wife? Why hurry darling? Don’t you want to talk to your husband?”

His husky deep voice was barely more than a whisper just over her right ear, which took the last drop of courage from her fragile self. She felt as if she would collapse in front of his feet any second.

But she was not ready to show him her weak and vulnerable state again, which might boost his ego ten times more. She wasn’t ready to surrender herself to this evil man again, who had turned her whole being into small particles of dust years back.

She had to be strong enough to face him, to face his inner demons.

“What do you want Mr. Shahzeb Alam Khan?” She asked him in the roughest of tones she could muster, while her wrist was still locked in his firm grip.

“What sort of a question is that beautiful?” His dark eyes were roaming over her petite yet fairly proportioned body explicitly, which was clad in a flimsy layer of black satin. He gulped his saliva, his Adam’s apple bobbed. She was breathtakingly beautiful. No wonder that men roamed around her like moths around fire.

“What can a husband desire from his lovely wife at this time of the hour?” He bore his gaze back into her frightened eyes.

Yet again she felt as if someone had poured a bucket full of icy water on her. She was frozen to death. It had been 4 years, 4 long years since she had been waiting to hear this single sentence from this MAN.

“NO, you can’t be serious. I cannot believe you. This isn’t the time for your lame jokes, SHAHZEB. Please tell me what you really want?” Her voice seemed to be trembling at the last word.

“I want you Zoya Shahzeb Khan.” He emphasized each single word on her face. Subtracting the mere distance of some inches between them, he pulled her by her waist to his hard clustered chest.

“NO, no.” Fear was evident in her voice. She couldn’t form another word on her tongue. Her deep big brown eyes were filled with unshed tears, which threatened to come out any minute.

Secret Desires by AashiIrf

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  2. Summaiya ishaq

    Aslamualaikum when are you going to upload the 31 chapter here? Is there a particular day of the week you upload chapters here.. cause i am eager to read the story loved it 👍

  3. Awesome way of joining past n present… My guess was right all along… Enjoying like anything… Keep it up…

  4. i like the way you write…masha Allah…selection of words and similarities…keep it up…really waiting for next epi.

  5. Hey!!!! I was looking for you on Wattpad. I got scared for a second that you have deleted book and won’t write again. But I am glad I found you.
    Can’t wait for this story to move forward.

    1. No need to get scared my, dear. This is my dream book, and I would never abandon it.
      I will be updating here, from now on. As the security on this site is more commendable from watpadd.
      Thnk you so much for your support and encouragement. It means a lot to me 😍

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