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Simmering Desires by AashiIrf


There was an unseen bleakness which had taken over the small one bedroom apartment into its shadow. Somewhere, far away from her gloomy, indifferent world, the faint sounds of a sweet squealing were ringing in the background of her numb brain. She couldn’t comprehend the distant tiny half-broken syllables, but those sounds had the power to make her dead heart beat with fluttering liveliness, and ache with self-loathing.

Her hand, which was forcefully pressing against the crease of a cloth, had started shivering like a dry autumn leaf. The crease wasn’t forming perfectly, but she knew that she couldn’t let it go. She had to iron the spread cloth to perfection. She couldn’t afford to be defeated.

“Mommy, please put me down.

Another giggling sound hit her brain like a thunderstorm and her whole body turned into a shuddering mess. She tried to gain her composure back, pressing her feet on the hard tiled flooring and her shivering cold hands on the iron stand more forcefully. She waited for a minute for the hurricane to surpass over her dead senses. When the shivering began to abate, she damped the trouser with a fair amount of water again and pressed the hot iron over the fabric. She was repeating the same action over and over again for the last ten minutes. As she was about to scoop more water from the bowl, a barbaric howl caused her jump on her place.

“You crazy bitch, are you out of your mind?” The hot iron stumbled down and landed over her trembling foot. She shrieked with a sharp cry, crouched down on the floor and grabbed her burnt foot with both hands. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut and tried to subside the stinking pain which was running from her foot right up to her head.

“Bloody slut, I do not possess those grossly inflated bank accounts like your lover. The electric bill will not be paid by that billionaire bastard whose vile dreams you have with open eyes.” The man came forward and fisted her dry rough auburn hair in a painful grip. The girl displayed no reaction to his animalistic move. Her eyes were blank and her face was emotionless. The pain caused by the burning had lost its intensity over the acidic animosity of her husband. She just continued to look at him with hollow empty eyes.

The man cursed a chain of profanities and snatched his trouser from the table and switched off the iron.

“I will make the crease perfect this time. Just give me five more minutes.” She tried to scrape the fabric free from his grip. He pushed her away, as if she had some contagious disease which would transfer to him if he touched her. He crossed the small living room with speedy strides and locked himself in the only bedroom of the house.

The girl stared blankly at the closed door. She then stood up from her place and stepped towards the open door of a small balcony. She sat besides the iron railing of the balcony and looked away. There was a park on the other side of the road, with small swings and colored slides fitted for kids. She watched the small kids rocking on the swings. There were some very tiny ones also; whose parents were helping them in their small activities. She watched the scene that lay in front of her with yearning eyes.

The sky was turning gray slowly; the orange streaks of the setting sun could still be seen. In another fifteen to twenty minutes, the serene view would blackout completely. But she would continue to watch, till her eyesight would not be able to see anything but blackness. Because it was the only time, and the only thing in her life, which had the power to make her mind and her heart alive; which had the ability to send her physical pains and her mental sorrows in to oblivion.


The modern skyscrapers of the city were twinkling with moderate light arrangements. It was one of the world’s most vast and beautiful cities, and was still bursting with liveliness. The smooth and silky eight-lane roads of the metropolis were packed with the latest expensive vehicles. The vast glass wall of his 22nd floor gigantic office provided him with a breathtaking view of almost one end of the city where the ocean met the sky. He looked through the clear glass wall and observed the beauty of the ultra modern and high tech infrastructure of the city.

In the last four years of his life, he had seen the world around him changing with a rapid speed.  He himself had shifted his office into one of the most lavish and extravagant sky-high buildings of one of the most expensive cities of the World. He had worked his guts out from day to night; not because he wanted to be rich or he wanted to achieve some kind of special status in the high class society, but because he had nothing to do in his life except adding some more millions to his companies yearly net worth. He had everything, everything except…

An agonizing self-destructive laugh emitted from his chest. He closed the blinds of the glass wall with its remote and dimmed the lights of his office, shutting the world around him and sneaking into the web of bittersweet memories of the past. He could still taste the salty sweetness of crystal clear droplets of her flushed cheeks. The touch of those shaky timid fingertips he had felt on his lips the last time he had met her, when life  hadn’t turned into frozen glaciers and his body could feel the warmth of her skin on his lips; when, there was still light in the lamp of life; when his heart was still beating in his chest. But then a storm had entered and ruined everything, every fragment of his life.

Five years, five forlorn, grieving years had passed away. He was still standing on the defeated grounds, still collecting the ashes of his blistered self.

His private number pinged with a message notification. He opened his red rimmed eyes and looked down at the bright screen of his smart phone. He touched the photo sent in the message and it zoomed out on the screen. Two adorable tiny bodies were encased in similar Burberry hoodies, showing their passports to the camera. The picture was captioned with ‘On our way to meet you Billy’.

He ran his finger on the glowing faces of the two little angelic monsters. It had been almost a year since he had last met his mates; a year since they had snuggled into his arms and spent their nights on his enormous king sized bed, watching the Lion King on his laptop.

He typed two words on his phone and immediately sent the message to his only companions in this world. He knew that only they had the power to spark some life back in his dead system, albeit for some days only. He could live a little; he would live with his littles.


Simmering Desires by AashiIrf

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