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Poetry Section Fimg

Poetry: writing that formulates a concentrated imaginative awareness of experience in language chosen and arranged to create a specific emotional response through meaning, sound and rhythm. – The Merriam Webster Dictionary

Literature is aesthetic, and poetry is aesthetic literature. It utilizes the rhythmic qualities of language, such as phonaesthetics, sound symbolism and metre, to enhance the meaning of prose. Poetry has a long history, probably as long as history itself. Poetry and poets still continue to thrive and enthrall their fans, and no literature platform is complete without a section of poetry.

Welcome to the Poetry section of The Beam Magazine. The poetry section will showcase some of the finest upcoming and established poets of our times, with poems and ghazals carefully screened by our editorial team. There will be poems, ghazals and nazms in both English and Urdu. We hope that the poetry loving section of our readers will be regaled with our selection of poems and poets.

The Beam Magazine Team

Beja Husn Pe – Ghazal by Iram Shehzadi



Itna Nidhal Khud Ko – Ghazal by Iram Shehzadi



Baton Sy Teri – Ghazal by Hadeed Fatema



Subah w Shaam Likhta Hoon – Nazm by Iram Shehzadi



Kaisa Dard Tu Ne – Ghazal by Iram Shehzadi



Bachpan ka Zamana – Ghazal by Shameen Khan



Meri Batein Yaad Dila Rahi Hai Mujhy – Ghazal by Hadeed Fatema



Main Tery Jhoot Pr – Ghazal by Hadeed Fatema



Kalaam by Zhilleh Hayaam



Mujhe Apne Des Mein Rehna Hai – Nazm by Umar Saleem



Shaitaan Masroof Hai Behkane Mein Tujhe – Ghazal by Javeria Butt



Lagane Jo Baitha Main Sood o Ziyan ka Hisaab – Ghazal by Nehan Masood



Lonely by Nehan Masood



Ajab Haal Kiya Hai Ab Begaana Kar Ke – Ghazal by Khansaa Gull



Mujh ko Khud se Begaana Kar Diya Hai – Ghazal by Hadeed Fatema



Har Baat Pe Be-baat Hi – Ghazal by Hadeed Fatema



Tarak e Taaluq – Ghazal by Umar Saleem



Yara by Hadeed Fatema



Tu Ishq Kitta, Dil Waar Dita – Nazm by Ahmed Naseer



Ab ke Baras Eid ke Din – Nazm by Khansaa Gull



Kuch Na Chahoon Jo Madine Mein Thikana De De by Umar Saleem



Sare Shaam – Ghazal by Hadeed Fatema



Teri Berukhi Ne Kiya Udaas Shaamon Ko – Ghazal by Javeria Butt



Ab Tabassum Jo Labon Pe Aaya Hai – Ghazal by Hadeed Fatema



Dekho Main Deewana Ho Gaya Hoon – Ghazal by Khansaa Gull



Ishq Aasaan Nahin, Ishq Darmaan Nahin – Ghazal by Okasha Momin



Aasmaan ko Aankhon se Pyar Ho Gaya Hai by Hadeed Fatema


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