Urdu Novels

The Urdu Novels section of The Beam Magazine is designed to provide our readers with novels and novellas in Urdu. It will contain works from authors exclusively written for The Beam Magazine, as well as works provided by authors which is already available on other platforms but is not copyrighted. For works that are not copyrighted by us, download links will be available.

Maintenance of quality standards in the published works is obviously the top priority for us. If you are an author, and believe that your work deserves publication on a quality platform, do feel free to contact us.

From The Beam Magazine Team

The Beam Magazine presents a short afsana ‘Mar Jaun To Jaan Chootay’ by Mehreen Muhammad Saleem. Mehreen is a student, doing her M.Sc. in ….. read more

Mar Jaun To Jaan Chootay by Mehreen Muhammad Saleem

The Beam Magazine presents a short afsana ‘Chadar’ by Kiran Mushtaq ….. read more


Chadar by Kiran Mushtaq

The Beam Magazine presents a short and sweet love story ‘To Tum Ho Mere’ by Nimra ….. read more


To Tum Ho Mere by Nimra Nisar

The Beam Magazine presents a complete novel ‘Zindagi ki Zamanat Tera Naam’ by Biya Ahmed. Biya Ahmed is a Karachi based emerging ….. read more

Zindagi ki Zamanat Tera Naam by Biya Ahmed

The Beam Magazine presents a new episodic novel ‘Yaran Naal Baharan’ by Nimra Noor. The episodes of the novel will be published on every ….. read more

Yaran Naal Baharan by Nimra Noor

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